Datacom Healthcare Solutions
Datacom Healthcare Solutions
Datacom Healthcare Solutions

Datacom Healthcare Solutions mission is to use our combined clinical and technological expertise to enable exemplar clinical practice. Our team consists of practising clinicians and personnel who have implemented technology programs in healthcare ranging from at a health service level, to state and national initiatives.

Our guiding principles include:

  • The importance of evidence in technology
  • Preventing avoidable harm to patients through systematic processes coupled with an excellent user experience
  • Integrating clinical practice with technology and the built environment
  • Lowering the barrier to adoption of technology in healthcare
  • End to end solutions encompassing applications, hardware, support, and development with flexibility in arrangements as needs evolve
  • Long term engagement and leveraging the benefits gained in further development for the organisation, rather than short term projects

Datacom Healthcare Solutions – Specialist Healthcare Technology Team

Our team not only provide in-depth experience in medical and nursing practice, but have also held senior positions in commercial healthcare IT companies. We provide strategic direction in healthcare technology by remaining at the forefront of industry trends and clinical need, and contribute significantly to the governance, development, and implementation of solutions.